Fútbol Fandom Collection

Cabra Sports and Raised By Latinos partnered

To create a limited edition streetwear collection, inspired by your fútbol fandom.

Available for a few days only. A fashion statement with sazón.  Shop the fútbol collection now.


Who is Cabra Sports

We created CABRA Sports for fans like us: loud, passionate, and yeah… a bit nuts.

We’re unapologetic diehards who happen to be Latino. That means our culture matters just as much as our fandom. Yet, everywhere we’ve looked across the U.S. sports landscape, our voices, our takes, our perspective is missing. We’re here to change that.

We’re creating a unique fandom platform at the intersection of sports and Latino culture, where avid sports fans like you find the content you’ve always wanted to see, get hyped when our teams are winning (or talk our shit when they’re losing), and most importantly connect with other passionate, like-minded fanatics.

We’re redefining sports to be about us and no longer without us.

Join us in helping to create the next great sports fandom platform. And who knows, maybe together we can truly own our fandom and buy a few pro sports teams to play with. Why not try, right?

Jesus and Mauricio, Co-Founders of CABRA Sports


Check them out!

Website: https://cabrasportshq.com/

Instagram: @cabrasportshq