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How this streetwear brand elevates an underrepresented demographic.

f you were to guess which racial demographic in the U.S. is the fastest growing in entrepreneurship, would Latinos come to mind? According to research conducted by Stanford Business, Latino-owned companies are growing significantly faster than the average business. In 2019, they reported the number of Latino business owners grew 34% in ten years compared to 1% for all business owners in the United States. However, a report from 2020 found that only 51% of Latinos that applied for national bank loans received funding for their businesses versus 77% of white-owned businesses. When comparing loans over $100,000, the funding gap gets even bigger with only 20% of Latino-owned businesses receiving funding compared to 50% for white-owned businesses. These numbers show that Latinos have great untapped potential in entrepreneurship because they lack opportunities and representation. Or, as the Raised By Latinos cofounders say, Latinos are sleeping giants.

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Raised By Latinos is a Canadian-based streetwear brand that aims to provide representation for Latinos everywhere and help them stay connected, not just to their roots, but to each other. Founded in 2018 by Victor Ramirez and Evelyn Lopez, these cofounders watched as hip hop and skate culture took over mainstream fashion in the mid-1990s and evolved into the high-end streetwear we know today. However, when they kept an eye on all the rising brands, they realized there was no real representation for Latinos. When there was, it was usually in a negative light with thuggish, stereotypical designs.

Lopez has always had her finger on the pulse of the fashion world and, according to Ramirez, has consistently been innovative with her sense of style. She began her career with a background in IT before moving on to become a full-time yoga studio director. Currently, Lopez operates as the Raised By Latinos CEO, while working as Executive Assistant to WWE Champion Trish Stratus.

Ramirez is the Creative Director and Designer for Raised By Latinos. He has been in the creative industry for 22 years and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes Benz and Harley Davidson. Ramirez takes inspiration for his art from Latino culture, embracing both Catholic and indigenous designs.

While there have been several Latino artists who have left impressions on the world such a Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, Ramirez and Lopez state there was no one in modern times they could immediately look up to when launching their streetwear brand. So, they decided to change that narrative and become artistic influencers themselves.

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