I am a little lighter and look a little different than my mom’s side of the family. Even though I am part Irish, I understand Spanish and can speak it too.  I watch novela’s with my grandmother (mami) and help her make empanadas, chicharron, and so many other Ecuadorian dishes! I love our traditions, our […]

El Micha Raised by Latinos cap

El Micha is a famous Rapper. He was born on September 12, 1981 and his birthplace is Havana, Cuba. El is also well known as, Hip-hop recording artist whose 2010 album Con Dinero Y Pasmao was received with international critical acclaim. He is best recognized for his contributions to the reggaeton and Cubaton genres. He is in touch […]

I have leather skin the color of cinnamon and I am of native heritage. My father always said we are honest working people. My mother said She loves me no matter what and don’t forget to be humble.  I am my mother’s blessings.  I am the salsa and music the comes from my kitchen.  I […]