Latino Streetwear Movement

Streetwear Movement

RBL is a streetwear movement that promotes Latino culture.  The movement is to unite Latinos and the world through positive thinking; to respect the diversity of our bloodlines and to connect conscious-minded and inclusive people. Through their designs, RBL strives to bring light to Latino culture representation matters.

In the mid-’90s streetwear had firmly established itself within the world market. Toronto was covered with skate culture and Hip Hop culture.  Mainstream fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and FUBU jeans came up with their own urban clothing lines, which became popular due to the representation of 90’s music artists.

30 Years have passed and the skate and hip hop culture is alive and strong.  There is also a presence of new companies such as Supreme, OVO, Bape to name a few.

Raised by Latinos believes something is still missing in the market… Lifestyle wear that brings Latinos into the light.  Lifestyle wear that promotes Latin American culture and Latino empowerment. RBL is not just a clothing company, they are a movement. Raised by Latinos want to unite Latinos and connect conscious-minded and inclusive people globally.

When you live in Canada (as 1st, 2nd or even 3rd generation Canadians) you don’t lose your Latin American identity. Your parents raise you in a home enriched with Latin American culture and your culture stays true. But never forgetting the Great Canadian heritage.

With two people and a dream Raised by Latinos came to life.

Raised by Latinos© founded in 2018

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