In life and business you get milestones. This is one of them from a Latin Giant James Cruz. @jamescruz1. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Gracias James 🙏🏼🙏🏽 We can all learn from him. ❗️Watch full interview on @vladtv❗️ “In this full-length interview, legendary music businessman James Cruz talks about blazing a trail for Latinos in […]

Introducing Brooklyn’s very own music production powerhouse – VinnyFromTheBlock from The Lab Studios NYC. With an impressive portfolio of collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music industry across multiple genres, Vinny has become a sought-after name in the world of music production. With a knack for crafting infectious beats and melodies, his […]

Chicano culture is deep-seated root in family values. Chicanos an exploration between the similarities and differences between Chicano culture in America and Japan, and how the scene is not all about gang culture, but about Familia. Junichi Shimodaira A decade before the Chicano revolution, Junichi Shimodaira was one of the first to take up an interest […]

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This page is dedicated to exploring Chicano Cholo’s in Fashion and how they have influenced us since the 1930 until now influencing the Latino Streetwear Culture. So book mark this page as we will be updating it every month Respect. The nation’s automotive industry center, is bursting with a Chicano and Chicana-inspired lowriders, fashion.

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65,3 Million “Latinos are Sleeping Giants” @ev_morena @victorhenryramirez .@raisedbylatinos Hispanic and Latino Americans (Spanish: Estadounidenses hispanos y latinos) are Americans of full or partial Spanish, and/or Latin American ancestry.[3][5][6][7] More broadly, these demographics include all Americans who identify as Hispanic or Latino regardless of ancestry.[8][9][10][11][12] As of 2020, the Census Bureau estimated that there were almost 65.3 million Hispanics and Latinos living in the United States and Puerto Rico (19.5% of the overall population).[1]Reference: […]


MIAMI, FL –News Direct– Noticias Newswire About Noticias Newswire Privately owned Noticias Newswire (formerly Latinx Newswire), is the only Hispanic-owned and operated, affordable multimedia press release distribution service targeting the U.S. Hispanic market. Founded in 2013, Noticias Newswire is revolutionizing the wire industry by making every press release a Multimedia News Release and doing away […]

Unapologetically representing the Latin culture These five brands are creating styles that are unapologetically representing the Latin culture. Shopping for winter threads can sometimes be an issue. Does one go for something that is warm and comfortable? Or do they put style above all? Thankfully, the following five streetwear fashion brands won’t make you have to choose between style […]

Soraya Kattan – Toronto Talking about her Art Journey. Since the day she was born, Art has always been a part of her life. Welcome to the world of Kattan. Special thanks to Noah; Videographer, Director, Editor Presentado por Raised By Latinos CC BY license Raised By Latinos Check out more of Raised […]

@remezcla for featuring us in your magazine and a HUGE S/O to @tvproducergirl for finding us and writing the article. We are honoured and humbled 🙏🏼🙏🏽 Victor Ramirez and Evelyn Lopez Streetwear Company ‘Raised by Latinos’ Looks To Provide Representation Through Apparel Be it in the music, food, or in the arts, Latino culture is full of pride. That’s […]

New York native, Cortez Bodega @cortez_bodega I am Raised By Latinos Story, Culture and much more! 👊🏾👊🏻👊🏼  A lot of people ask me what are my influences and to be honest with you as an artist your influences have to be what culture is growing up in brooklyn being latino surrounded by predominantly blacks and just minorities […]