Our Pack

California - USA


Zooted Third

Zootedthird AKA Third a Hip Hop recording artist based of out L.A who is currently working on releasing new music. He has raw talent and was born to spit, his English to Spanish transition when on the mic is savage. Zootedthird also owns his own photography business.  For more on Zootedthird check out his IG handles @zootedthird and @thirdvzn

New York - USA

El Patron Remix

Elpatronremix is a DJ who arrived to New York City from El Salvador in 2002. In 2003 he began his career as a DJ. From 2007 to the present date he is the official presenter of the Salvadorian Festivals in Long Island. You can catch him on the radio from Monday to Friday at 7am to 11am on the La Nueva Fiesta 98.5 FM morning show. @elpatronremix

Toronto - Canada


Dali Perez

Dali Perez was born to dance! He is a Latin Dance Instructor based out of Toronto who specializes in Salsa, Son Cubano, Rumba and Bachata. He runs his own workshops where he helps bring your dancing skills to the next level. And yes, he was named after Salvador Dali!  For more on Dali check out his IG @daliprz