Latino Representation Matters

The Latino Community continues to be underrepresented in media and is consistently overlooked. There is no denying there is little to zero Latino Representation, whether it be in front of the camera, behind the scenes, or in the boardrooms. And despite Latinos being the #1 consumers of media in the USA, the Latino Community continues to be excluded. “There aren’t many TV shows, movies, or books with a Latino main character, and if there is a Latino character, they usually act out stereotypes”.  

Everything from being the over-sexualized Latina to the drug dealer, to the maid, the mechanic or the illegal. We need to see Latinos on the main screen who are not stereotyped. 

“I just feels like it’s such a damage to kids not to see themselves reflected back in positive ways” John Leguizamo

We need to have Latinos in the boardrooms (the decision-makers) that understand us and who will properly represent the Latino Community and Culture. It is important because it creates role models and inspiration, someone that you can look up to and say I can do that too. It is important to break the constant Latino discrimination that still exists today.