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Steve Gonzalez – My Latino Life

Steve Gonzalez Instagram @latino5spice has made it his mission to bring South America’s dynamic food culture to downtown Toronto. A former fan favorite on Top Chef Canada, the Colombian-Canadian has worked in restaurants for nearly three decades. He honed his craft around the city’s most acclaimed restaurants, such as mentor Chris McDonald’s Avalon, and Claudio Aprile’s philosophical Senses, Colborne Lane, and Origin. 

Raised by Latinos @raisedbylatinos had the pleasure of interviewing him for a 3 part Min series for I Am RBL @_iamrbl. Please watch an Mind Space Original.

I’m Steve Gonzalez now what do you do I’m an executive chef or I’m the executive chef at Baro restaurant in Toronto interesting how long have you been the chef for Baro. I’ve been the chef at Baro for about four years now or even since the beginning I opened it oh really how much preparation and time to that take probably my whole career.

Going back to the beginner and when did you start cooking and how’d you make this into a career inspired to me so I started cooking when I was about 13 years old I started in disparate I was washing the dishes at humans and just hanging out with my friends you know one day I got called up to the big buns and fries and I made the step up and still cooking 32 years later I wanted to prove that that Latin food was more than just tacos and burritos right that there’s so much more out there you know nowadays.

I’m really known for my city cheese this is I don’t do your traditional thing I take these classic ideas that I make a modern right so I felt like every other food style did it and it’s you know it’s our turn to do this and I’ve been doing it now for about seven eight

years I say it’s amazing how you brought this new twist and idea this fusion thanks yeah and I love that you mentioned fusion because I don’t look at it as fusion mm-hmm this is evolution is evolution of food right when you look at looking Latin America of like Peru there’s a lot of Asian influence right so they’ve created this whole food style right which is like Chifa or Nikkei.

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I’m Steve Gonzalez and
I’m raised by Latinos

Please watch an Mind Space Original. You can fallow him Follow him on Instagram @latino5spice or Baro Toronto Instagram @barotoronto. Steve Gonzalez – My Latino Life – Part One Career. Coming soon! Part 2 Growing Up. Part 3 My Culture/Mi Gente.

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