Executive Chef Steve Gonzalez has made it his mission to bring South Americas dynamic food culture to downtown Toronto.

Being a Cook it wasn’t as glorified as it is now like back in the day like people after you told me what cook looked look down upon and it just so happened within like the ten years of me being in it it became cool thing you know and became a time where like we’re the new rock stars yeah do you ever feel like your sadness when these kids whatever you pick it on you well for sure for sure good thing for me I was never really violent person yeah like I found other ways the kind of lash out or express myself whether it’s sports or cooking mm-hmm I just needed to get away I learned it from a young age to stay away from me right you know had my moments were kind of wrong crowd wrong place wrong time type of thing experience that right and you know covered once in a while what I’ve got to learn from your mistakes and before but as far as like be racially profiled or or being felt you know any less than the average person yeah I felt that at times but I never said it bothered me yes cuz I knew I had an awful plan of where I wanted to be.

I’ve dedicated the last 30 years of my life to food to feeding everybody else you know there’s times that I forget – you know I’ve probably seen a quarter of the sunsets that the average person has seen Wow that we stuck in the kitchen you know and sacrifice and I give up a lot of and like have nieces and nephews that I don’t know that was cooking you

know I have childhood friends that you know we’re still contact here and there but I don’t know their kids

“Man it’s only food.” – Steve Gonzalez

Raised by Latinos had the pleasure of interviewing him for a 3 part Mini series for I Am RBL @_iamrbl.

Latin food culture Toronto

Follow him on Instagram @latino5spice or Baro Toronto @barotoronto. Part 3 My Culture/Mi Gente Coming Soon! .

Video & Editing Noah GodfreyLopez @josue.flaco99 Photos: Jorge Rios @jriosphoto Part 2 & Part 3


Latin american food culture is in main stream Downtown Toronto.